Mate tea + features

In addition to a comprehensive variety of mate teas from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil, we also offer the corresponding Mate cups, “bombillas“, thermo flasks and accessories.

You can choose from a wide collection of traditional mate teas to different flavoured teas, tea bags and Mate sets, leaving no wish unfulfilled. Mate cups can be made out of gourd, wood, ceramic, glass or even silicone. The straws “bombillas” can also be made out of different materials.

Dulce de Leche and Alfajores

In you will discover a large variety of specialities from South America and Spain.

Alongside Dulce de Leche, the popular caramel cream from Latin America, we also offer Alfajores, the typical Argentinean pastry, from brands like Havana or Mardel.

Other delicacies

For the preparation of South American dishes, we offer different spices, Polenta, as well as a large variety of, e.g. Dulce de Batata or original Argentinean biscuits.

From Brazil you can choose from specialities such as, cassava flour or traditional desserts from sweet potato, mango and guava, etc.


What would South America be without its Empanadas? With Delicatino you have the opportunity of ordering the Empanada dough sheets in various quantities and sizes. The dumplings can be filled with anything you desire and can be prepared in the fryer or in the oven. You can also order Pascualinas to prepare cakes (tartas).

The dough sheets are stored in freezers and are sent via special packaging. This way we can ensure that our products reach you still frozen and last longer.

Beer and wine

Our product range, of course, offers a wide selection of popular South American beverages. We receive different varieties of Argentinian beers and wines, from famous wine regions.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Our popular caffeinated soft drinks include Club Mate, Inca Cola and, of course, Guaraná. According to the Native American recipes Terma, an Argentinian alcohol-free soft drink, was introduced by them.