What is Yerba Mate?

Mate tea is made from dried leaves and twigs grown on a Mate bush in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Even the natives of the region, the Guaraní Indians, knew the beneficial effects Mate tea can have and called it a “drink of the gods”, reasons being

  • Contains vitamins and minerals
  • Provides energy and helps with concentration
  • Satisfies the appetite and helps stimulate fat loss and the metabolism
  • Contains antioxidants to fight cell aging

Mate, energy boosting without the risk!

Mate contains, unlike other caffeinated drinks, only traces of the substance Theophylline*, which can greatly affect the heart muscle. Mate tea is therefore energy boosting without any risk! Mate is distributed slowly through the body and retains its invigorating effect over a long period of time. So Mate delays both the muscular, as well as the mental fatigue and increases performance and concentration ability.

Energy for the day

Thanks to the high content of Xanti Delicatino yerba mate is a natural source of energy that promotes the intellectual and physical performance. Xanthines (caffeine and theobromine) are components that stimulate the central nervous system. It is also a benefit, which we recommend, to those who are very active and like to move.

Lowering Cholesterol

Saponins**, another ingredient contained in Mate tea, targets mostly the gastrointestinal area, bind fats and prevents them from crossing into the bloodstream. The heart’s action is thus supported in a positive way. Delicatino yerba mate helps regulate blood pressure and promotes the reduction of elevated cholesterol levels.

Lose weight with Mate tea

Although Delicatino yerba mate itself is not a diet product, it can be used to help lose weight. Mate and saponins has a diuretic effect as well as stimulating the metabolism. The bitter substances contained in Mate tea reduce the feeling of hunger. *** Preparing Yerba Mate in the traditional way

Information for the correct way in preparing Mate tea can be found here.

*Theophylline is a caffeine product which stimulates the metabolism and concentration. Furthermore, it also increases the heart performance and has a diuretic effect.

**Saponins occupy an important place among the therapeutically active constituents of medicinal plants.

***Source: Bad Heilbrunn Naturheilmittel GmbH & Co. KG