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What is yerba mate?

Yerba mate is obtained from the dried leaves and branches of the mate shrub, which grows in Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. The indigenous people of the region, the Guaraní Indians, already appreciated the effects of mate tea and referred to it as the 'drink of the gods' because it is

• Rich in vitamins and minerals,
• Provides energy and increases concentration,
• Suppresses appetite and stimulates metabolism and fat burning,
• And contains antioxidants that counteract cell aging."

Preparation – Traditional Yerba Mate

Would you like to learn how to prepare mate tea properly? You can find information on the correct preparation of mate tea here. From choosing the best mate variety to the optimal water temperature and traditional preparation method, you will learn everything you need to enjoy your mate tea perfectly.

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Research about mate tea

Scientific research on mate tea examines various aspects, including its potential health benefits, chemical composition, effects on metabolism, influence on cognitive function and possible risks of excessive consumption.

Mate contains only small amounts of theophylline*, unlike other caffeinated beverages, which can strongly affect the heart muscle. Therefore, mate tea is stimulating without causing agitation. The mateine it contains is released slowly, providing long-lasting stimulation. This delays both physical and mental fatigue, enhancing both performance and concentration..

* *Theophylline is a metabolite of caffeine in the human metabolism and has a mentally stimulating effect. Furthermore, theophylline also increases heart performance and acts as a diuretic.

Thanks to its high xanthine content, mate tea is a natural energy source that enhances both intellectual and physical performance. The xanthines it contains (caffeine and theobromine) stimulate the central nervous system and regulate mental and physical exertion. For this reason, mate tea is particularly recommended for active individuals who enjoy exercising and want to stay active.

The saponins in mate tea are mainly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. They bind fats and prevent their entry into the bloodstream, which positively supports heart function. Mate tea helps regulate blood pressure and promotes the reduction of elevated cholesterol levels.

** Saponins act as fat-splitting agents and occupy an important place among the therapeutically active constituents of medicinal plants.

Although mate tea is not a diet product, it is excellent as part of a diet due to its ingredients. Thanks to the diuretic effects of mateine and saponins, kidney and digestive functions, as well as metabolism, are strongly stimulated. The bitter substances in mate tea help reduce the feeling of hunger and suppress appetite..
*** Source: Bad Heilbrunner Naturheilmittel GmbH & Co. KG