Delicatino GmbH

Delicatino Ltd. is a German trading company based in Bremen, which specializes in the import of mate tea, a South American delicacy. The concept started in 2000 after Tobias Kling and Marc Oliver Schneider travelled to Argentina. was initially a purely informational website, “Tobias Kling –”. After two years, the online shop was established in Hamburg, this was the starting point for the import and distribution in Germany and many other European countries of mate tea and other South American delicacies.

As the clientele rapidly expanded, the first warehouse was established in September 2003. One year later, the first full-time employee was hired and in 2005 the company moved to Bremen, where the import excelled and was being shipped out in full containers. In this same year, Marc Oliver Schneider became a business partner in Mate-Tee alongside Tobias Kling. Three years later the company name “Tobias Kling –” was officially changed to Delicatino Ltd. Frozen goods were also included into the range of products that same year. Since 2009 the company has expanded, with a larger storage capacity, in the Neidenburger Str. 9 in Bremen.

Large selection of products

Delicatino currently offers around 500 different products from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil. In addition to the well-known mate tea brands, we also offer all the original mate extras in large varieties, which you need in order to prepare the tea. We also offer a wide range of selected food and beverages.

Import direct and exclusive

The main brands are directly imported to us from the manufacturers in South America, this way we can ensure, that our customers also receive the best price available.

High quality guaranteed

Through strict control of expiration dates, we can guarantee quality and freshness from all our products. By the direct import of the products long storage periods are avoided.